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Kode Rahasia Blackberry , Restart blackberry

Written By HENRY GO BLOG on Jumat, 01 April 2011 | Jumat, April 01, 2011

codes are :

* Left SHIFT + Right ALT + DEL : master reset Blackberry, Press & Hold them until LCD swithed off and red blinking LED. Remember, all your data in the phone will be lost..
* ALT + Right SHIFT + DEL : Restart blackberry without release the battery, that functioned t refresh memory or to configure after installing an application.
* On home screen, press ALT and follow ‘LGLG‘, event log displayed. After that step you can press HOME and choose CLEAR LOG. This code fonctioned to clear Log.
* Same as your PC, you can jump to the other application. ALT + TAB n your PC, on Blackberry press ALT + ESC.

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